The new rolling stock Depot will be located within the area of the Warszawa Grochów station. It will include a multi-bay hall (Technical Maintenance Workshop TWM) and accompanying objects:

  • automatic train washing machine with back-up facilities and a water treatment plant,
  • LV switching station,
  • access road,
  • track layout with overhead lines and track-side signalling equipment, central heating, water and sewage, electrical, communication and compressed air systems,
  • storage reservoir,

The planned hall will be located on a plot with an area of 26,152 m2, and the area of the buildings is 12,793 m2.

The maintenance of multiple units will include:

  • current inspections of the multiple units,
  • supportive maintenance of the multiple units,
  • cleaning of the interior and exterior of the multiple units,
  • repairs of the main components,
  • wheel reprofiling.

The service of multiple units in the planned hall will include:

  • refilling the windscreen washer fluid,
  • refilling water for sanitary purposes,
  • refilling sand,
  • cleaning and emptying of toilets,
  • changing oils,
  • minor corrective repairs.

Some maintenance works will be carried out externally – these include:

  • any works on wheel sets (bogies, axles, transmissions, replacement of wheels and shock absorbers),
  • any works on brakes (brake cylinders),
  • repairs of compressors and unit body,
  • any works on the driving system and its repairs,
  • any works on the electro-mechanical system and its repairs,
  • major repairs of air conditioning modules,
  • replacement and painting of units' body parts,
  • repairs and inspections of electrical circuits,
  • welding of any parts of the multiple units,
  • painting of the multiple units' components.

The building will be divided into:

  • a hall,
  • supporting workshops,
  • a storage room,
  • offices.