The hall will house 3 maintenance and 2 repair tracks.

At every maintenance and repair track, a 190 m long station will be provided to allow for the maintenance/repairs of an entire unit.

The main inspection pit will run along each station to allow for access to running gear.

At each maintenance station, a lifting jacks will be installed. The devices will have a usable length of approximately 180 m, a usable height, counting from the rail heads, of 3.55 m and should be able to lift 250 daN/m2 loads. The maintenance stations will also enable the carrying out of works on equipment installed on a unit's roof. In addition, an overhead crane having a lifting capacity of 1.5 tonnes is to be installed (its travel range will cover the entire length of the unit).

Each maintenance station at both sides of a unit will be equipped with 2 controlled platforms to enable accessing the unit's interior from the main inspection pit.

At the first repair track, a lifting station will be installed, comprising a coach lifting device and dismountable tracks; and at the second track, a floor lathe to profile the unit's wheels and a repair station are to be installed. At both repair tracks, overhead cranes with a minimum lifting capacity of 10 t are to be installed.

The lifting station will enable the lifting of an entire unit, thanks to the operation of 28 synchronised and centrally controlled lifting jacks.

Before the lifting station, a system of movable tracks will be installed to enable replacement of axles or heavy components of running gear without the need to lift the entire unit.